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A-Z of Pretenders Songs 

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Happy Christmas
(Non-LP B-side)
C. Hynde
Available only on the 2000 Miles acoustic release. 

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
(A Very Special Christmas)
H. Martin/R. Blane

Hold A Candle To This single
C. Hynde 

Hollywood Perfume
(Last Of The Independents)
C. Hynde/B. Steinberg/T. Kelly 

How Do I Miss You
C. Hynde 

How Much Did You Get For Your Soul?
(Get Close)
C. Hynde
Chrissie blasted Pepsi and the singers, mainly Michael Jackson, who were paid millions of dollars to do the ads. She said, "And people might say, 'Well, Coke's not that bad, you drink it', but the point is, it's one thing to do something and it's something else to advertise it... Listen, I might smoke cigarettes, I might inject heroin, but I'm not going to get up on television in front of millions of people and tell them to do it too. Advertising is crap. And these guys are endorsing stupid products. Why would anyone who had any consciousness whatsoever do an advertisement for Pepsi Cola? It's the crassest form of pollution. People are going out and getting all that dough to endorse some garbage product when they don't even need the money anyway. What the fuck are you gonna do with 15 million dollars? Buy a fleet of Rolls Royces? Pepsi Cola is a crap product. It has no redeeming value whatsoever..." 

Human single
(Viva El Amor)
Mark McEntee/Shelly Peiken
A brilliant cover of the Divinyls song!

Hymn To Her single
(Get Close)
Meg Keene
In the US, this song was released as "Hymn To Her (She Will Always Carry On)". It stayed on the charts for 12 weeks and reached #8. 

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